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Sure! We can host your event at Gurgustium!
Even if the JC’s is not a huge club, is well known as a suitable, almost perfect place where holding a small/ mid-size private event.
For Birthday Parties people use to reserve the hall in the basement that hosts the dancefloor and a small room for tables and seats. The average seats availability is from 20 to 30. Considering the way your guests will enjoy the JC’s, constantly moving up and down inside the club, this solution will be suitable for 50 people at the most.
Private or Corporate Events could need more space, we are available for renting in an exclusive way the whole club if matching our calendar.  Often we had organized events up to 200 people packing our offer with a variety of tailored services.

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Our Services available for Events Requests at JC’s are:

– 15+ people –

Drinks Discounts from our Main Drinks List
Table Service even after midnight
Small Table Room in ‘The Cave’ Exclusive  Reservation*

– 25 to 50 people – as above +

Priority service at the Bartenders Desk through Drink Tickets or Bracelets
Discounted Drinks from a predefined** Drinks List by Prepaid Drinks Packs***
Projector and Radio Microphones for presentations*
Whole Basement Floor ‘The Cave’ Exclusive  Reservation*
Entertainment Services for Bridal and Bachelor Parties*
Tailored Printing on Paper Invitation Cards, Digital Invitation Cards and also Drinks Bracelets*


– 50 to 200 people – as above +

The Whole JC’s Gurgustium Cocktail Bar Exclusive  Reservation*
Catering Food Service*
Entertainment Services*
Tailored opening and closing time*
Custom-Tailored services*

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 (*)       This service is an optional and will be charged apart.
(**)       If you are worried your guests could drink too much or too expensive drinks that would be charged on your bill, we can proviode you a simplfied list that will not exceed the average price of a standard cocktail. This list could be sent attached to the digital invitation card so your guest will already know what will be included as a free drink for them.
(***)   Prepaid Drinks Packs are useful when you already know how many drinks you’d like to offer to your guest or group wants to buy in advance in order to achieve the best offer from us. We use ‘Free Drinks’ prepaid 10pcs packs for smaller events or different bracelets that will allow to ask two, three, four or four drinks plus a bottle of Spumante or Champagne as defined in the offer agreement.

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